color theme 6. Coconut grove

STAGE TRIBES - We want to be the centre of the universe, to be a star, to be on stage, even if it is only for 30 seconds. All we do is live for those few seconds of glorious fame, of bright light attention, in front of a screaming audience, under thundering applause. We are the new applause generation. We live in tribes on stage, to dance, sing, play and to be worshipped.
The chairs come from Mali, they are plaited from nylon cords in plastic brights. Marbled vinyl from South Africa paint our days in a palette of dazzling rainbow colors, and compete with a true Masai red. Mesh and neoprene technology go hand in hand with sculptural foam and bonded jerseys. We rise and instantly shine. We live for glamour and fame, in a new generation of performance fabrics.
Summer on stage is fantastic

We click. We like. We star.